"You're about to discover the Business In a Box that compels clients to pay you monthly for your services again and again..."

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Dear Warrior,

For a couple of years now, I have been quietly building up a large number of offline clientele who pay me month in, month out to manage all their social media channels.

In fact, you could say I have perfected the entire "client getting" system, and now have it down to a fine art. In fact, I can almost predict with pinpoint accuracy how many clients I can get using my unique siphon method...presuming I have the time and inclination to take on new clients.

You see, the demand for this service is almost unlimited and I certainly make my fair share of revenue from this methodology. So I've decided to package my expertise into this system to allow other entrepreneurs to benefit from a flood of new clients who are eager to pay you monthly to manage their social media.

Actually, I've made this system so simple, that even somebody with NO experience in the social media niche could put my step by step plan into action and reap the benefits of clients paying monthly.

You're probably wondering who would pay you to manage their monthly social media right?

Well, here's just a small sample of the client categories I have been able to penetrate quickly and effortlessly using my siphon to funnel clients into my monthly social media consulting services:

  • Doctors, Lawyers and Accountants
  • Professional Sportsmen and women
  • Actors and TV personalities
  • Restaurants and Restaurant chains
  • Small and medium businesses
  • Cafes, Juice Bars and bakeries
  • Politicians, a local Mayoral offices
  • Clubs and non-profit organisations

  • The Client sites you will be automatically creating are beautifully formatted and compatible with iPhones and other smart phone devvices:

    Here's some ACTUAL Client contracts signed over the last 12 months using this exact system:

    Example 1

    Example 2

    Example 3

    What compels these clients to sign up for your service?

    Here's a look at the sales video that you will get as part of this package. This is only one if the tools that gently siphons your prospect down your sales funnel.

    Join now for $37 per month. Payment processed via Clickbank.
    60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

    I'm giving you the exact step by step methodology that I use to produce the above results. I've turned this into a system which means anybody that can read can follow it to produce similar results. The opportunity for this system are evergreen, as there simply aren't enough consultants to fulfil the demand that's out there for this service. I giv you the system AND all the tools and resources you need to hit the ground running.

    Here's a look at what you get:

  • The click-button software that allows you to quickly and easily create stunning looking social hubs for your clients.
  • The Social Siphon Quick Start Workbook
  • The Professionally Produced Sales Video to siphon clients into your funnel
  • 2 Professional Wordpress Templates you can use to setup your client's blog and centralised social presence
  • A sales script that will overcome all objections and compel your prospects to invest (can be used on phone or via email)
  • Twitter, Facebook and YouTube backgrounds to setup your client's social media channels
  • Proposal examples and Templates
  • Case Studies
  • Professional contracts
  • A professional Powerpoint template for face to face meetings
  • A quick reference mindmap outlining the entire system

  • What services will you be offering your clients?

    Setup and management of the following:

  • Facebook Pages
  • YouTube Channels
  • Wordpress Blogs
  • Twitter Accounts
  • FourSquare Presence
  • Ustream presence
  • Google Maps presence
  • Reputation Management

  • Don't worry if you don't know the first thing about setting up any of these services, the Quick Start Workbook will walk you through the entire process step by step.

    I was seriously going to keep this system to myself and outsource all the fulfilment for clients. But once I realised the staggering size of this opportunity, I figured I'd share the love and show other people how to profit from this lucrative market. There's no way I could cater for all the demand, even if I wirked on this full time for the next 5 years.

    If you're ready to start earning a monthly income from all your clients, then grab then click on the 'Buy Now' button below to grab this opportunity now!

    To your success.

    Leigh Burke

    Join now for $37 per month. Payment processed via Clickbank.
    60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

    Here's a recap of the entire system:

    Join now for $37 per month. Payment processed via Clickbank.
    60 Day Money-Back Guarantee